How to Add a Client in QuickBooks Online Accountant

You can access your client’s books right from QuickBooks Online Accountant. Adding a new client who doesn’t already have a QuickBooks Online subscription is easy. Let’s go over the steps for creating a client and the different discount options you have. If your client already has a QuickBooks account, they should invite you as an accountant user instead. Check out this video for how to do that:

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Do Anyone know to do how create payroll, thank you


Hi. What if the client neglected to setup password upon setup and the link has expired? Thanks.


Hey there, Jenny. Just to confirm, did the link to invite them to your QuickBooks expire?


@QuickBooks What if the client did not receive an invite at all?


Good presentation – thanks quickboooks


Hi quickbooks, if I am a bookkeeper do I sign up for an accountant quickbooks subscription and am I able to do my personal books for my business on the same subscription?



Hey there! That is correct. If you’d like to do your books and your clients, you’ll want to do that.


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